& other eco-responsible actions

In the heart of Bordeaux and 5 minutes from Cent33, the Potager offers a little edible paradise with a greenhouse and a garden dedicated to aromatic herbs, red fruits, a few vegetables and condiments.

For a chef, his garden is not just a place where we cultivate. A space for experimentation and creativity, the garden becomes a true extension of his kitchen. “Everything is connected. The menus are inspired by what we grow in the garden, and the garden is inspired by what is done in the kitchen”. The Chef has a will use everything in the product and or in several forms, because it takes a great effort to have it.

The experience of tasting an herb harvested a few hours earlier is incomparable and extremely rewarding for our employees. Cultivating your own garden, in addition to the peace of mind and the pleasure of the senses, has another major advantage: ensuring the origin of the product, its quality and its freshness.

The projects we support and/or in which we participate

Our next actions in the short term

  • Choose a green energy provider for electricity
  • We have drafted our environmental policy
  • To be green labeled …

Eco-responsibility at Cent33,
What does it mean?

Beyond the ingredients composing the dishes at Le Cent33, we have endeavored to integrate from the creation and today in the development of Cent33 an eco-responsible approach supported by all our team members, our partners and our institutions and we hope so, our dear customers.

For many, these actions are easy to transposed to individuals, to other sectors of activity, you just have to click on the links below!


  • Cork or synthetic stoppers
  • Bio waste, the compost generated from our bio waste, is reused in our garden
  • Paper/cardboard/packaging
  • Used oils

Choice of service providers / products

  • No more paper printing: menu on QR code and tablet
  • Receipt are sent by email
  • Still and sparkling microfiltered water
  • Carriers or delivery method with low carbon footprint
  • Made in France, recyclable
  • Cleaning products, when hygiene standards permit, are eco-labelled.

Our institutional partners